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Travel agency

Hello hello!

If you are here it is because you surely want to know more about us and here we will tell you a little about our history.

8 years ago, INTEN group was born with the idea of helping the Mexican population with the learning of the English language and the verification of the students of the level of language acquired through interviews with foreigners in different parts of the Mexican Republic, and from there, the idea of the travel agency so that our students would be able to continue making these trips with much cheaper prices than they could get by their own.

Low Prices, Always!

Today our philosophy of low prices remains valid, we want to be the best option for the public, offering the lowest costs on the market, offering our INTEN guarantee that says that if you find the same package* cheaper elsewhere, we might match the price or even, if it is in our possibilities, we might outbid it for you.

Today, we are a mixed category online travel agency exclusively dedicated to getting you the best offers to help you make your next life experience a great adventure and at an excellent price. So there is nothing to worry about, because not only have we specialized in many destinations, but we also have agreements with the best hotels in different parts of the world.

Are we a registered company?

Of course, like any responsible company we are registered with the Sectur (Secretary of Tourism in Mexico) with registration number 04151090029, in addition, we are an IATA agency (International  Air Transport Association) with number 96113021 and we have participated in the best international tourist events to achieve the best agreements and thus be able to assure you the best rates and the best prices.

So, the answer is yes, we are a safe company, because we are also legally constituted and registered with the different government institutions to make you feel safe when making your purchases.

Contact us and let us meet you!

*It must be a formal quote from another company, in writing and with the same conditions of package content and payment methods.
Tultitlan, Edo. Mexico
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